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We are providing services & solutions in electronic board design in all industries & domains as it is becoming a critical function in the product development life cycle

It is well worth buying good quality tools

If you are 6 months late to market you can loose a third of your net profits. However a 50% increase the cost of the development tools could hit your profits by as much as 3%.

Experience that matters

Besides assisting with customized hardware design and prototyping services we offer powerful, rugged devices which are used to monitor and control assets in some of the most remote areas of the world

What We Do

Specialized in cost-effective embedded hardware development solutions for customers requiring high-reliability coupled with aggressive timeline we have the resources to empower your business and take it to the next level.

Our technical capabilities, domain expertise, deep understanding of product development, testing methodologies, and tools, help customers to ensure better quality and speed up time-to-market customized solutions.

Processors and Controllers

  • text instruments
  • microchip technology
  • opc arm
  • freescale
  • atmel

You can't just add more memory or a faster processor

With an embedded application, you're interested in real-time performance, where if the device doesn't meet a particular time requirement, it breaks.


A good amount of successfully completed projects allows us to provide high quality embedded software development services and our services in this area

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