Physical protection and security management solutions

Infected equipment, unauthorized personnel, and unauthorized access are affecting the security status of any industry

Base Transceiver Station Monitoring

In Africa, power grid is typically available for just five hours a day, at a quality so variable that only 60% of it can be used.

Past challenges are new generation opportunities

Minimizing the risk and impact of advanced and targeted threats

What it is all about

Since the dawn of civilization, maintaining perimeter security has been a top priority. Having some form of it—whether a city wall, a moat or even trained animals—has always been critical for stopping, delaying or deterring a perimeter breach. Even with primitive perimeter security systems, having real-time intelligence and immediate response is vital.

It is imperative to take necessary precautions to ward off unwanted intruders especially if your company is involved in matters requiring high level of security.

With the trend of selling towers to independent tower companies, the operational challenges that were the Mobile Network Operator's problem are now the tower companies’ opportunities. Those opportunities include: improving site level profitability through investment in energy efficiency; reducing fuel theft; and unlocking economies of scale in maintenance processes.

Infrastructure Partners

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  • upland global wireless technology

Oil Theft, a murky business

On average around 100,000 bopd is stolen from major oil pipeline. Pipeline security can be significantly improved by the strategic deployment of advanced detection technology.


With a core ability in system integration, our services allow customers to manage and scale critical infrastructure security solutions into new and current systems

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